Your Time for Laser Vision Correction is Now!

Approved by the FDA, Wavefront-Guided LASIK is a custom-tailored laser vision correction procedure designed to correct the unique imperfections of your eyes. Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted and/or astigmatic, Wavefront-Guided LASIK can help you achieve your Personal Best Vision.

Wavefront-Guided LASIK is able to deliver an accurate and personalized treatment for your eyes. Featuring the revolutionary Fourier algorithms, the wavefront system delivers results in an accurate and individualized treatment for a wide range of indications.

During clinical trials for FDA approval, Wavefront-Guided LASIK for all indications achieved:1

  • Excellent visual acuity.
  • Excellent visual functioning and wellbeing.
  • Improvements in the ability to see well in different lighting conditions.
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